The Eating for Intestinal Tolerance program focuses on using the most updated, international research available to manage digestive issues and relieve uncomfortable gut symptoms; and is suited for those who struggle with gastric discomfort linked to food (when inflammatory bowel issues have been ruled out). Shana is an Eat Fit accredited dietician and has undergone extensive training in this program.

The program is more than just a diet sheet of “FODMAP” foods to avoid It is a personalized program to help those who struggle with IBS enjoy food again. It provides resources which includes education, recipes, dietetic support and encouragement as well as further “FODMAP” information.

It is a 4-session program, over a minimum of 16 weeks, with 50-60-minute consultations with Shana. Each consultation incorporates the low FODMAP diet and provides support to our clients through phases of monitoring, assessing, elimination and reintroduction. This program has been proven to be effective in reducing irritable bowel symptoms.

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