OptiFast Weight Loss program

The OptiFast program is a medically supervised weight reduction/ management program that is implemented when conservative methods of weight loss have been unsuccessful. This method of weight-loss has shown to significantly reduce body weight by approximately 1,0 - 2,5kg per week. The diet uses a Very Low Energy Diet (VLED)/ Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) to induce a mild ketosis to aid in weight loss. Ketosis allows the body to utilise fat stores for energy while conserving muscle mass.

This product is unlike any mainstream meal replacement product currently on the market. Using a mix of the required carbohydrates, protein, fatty acids and vitamins and minerals it allows for safe and rapid weight loss. The product range of OptiFast includes Shakes, Soups and Bars in a variety of flavours and can be used interchangeably throughout the program.

Research indicates that the weight loss that is achieved with OptiFast has also been associated with improvements in insulin sensitivity, blood pressure, triglyceride (cholesterol) levels, sleep apnoea and blood sugar levels in adults.

Current data shows that 87% of people who have had diabetes for less than 4 years can achieve diabetes remission after 8 weeks of being on the CDE OptiFast Program (only 50% of those with diabetes for more than 8 years achieved remission). Although not everyone achieves remission of diabetes, studies show that patients still lose weight and see improvements in their blood sugar (glucose) levels.

Please email the practice for more information or schedule a consultation to discuss starting the program and relevant rates.