Genetic Testing

Genetic testing is a novel way of personalizing a diet to suit individual genetic profiles. It has become a popular topic of discussion in recent months. Unfortunately, many non-health care providers or non-nutritional experts have given advice on genetic testing which often falls outside of their scope of practice and leads to a lot of confusion around these diets and their efficacy. Shana is able to provide you with more information about this diet and provide you with this service shall you request it.

The first consultation is 50-60 minutes long and will include a discussion around the science behind genetic testing as well as your personal expectations and goals. A genetic sample will be taken (an inner cheek swap) as well as anthropometric measures (body measurements including your weight). The sample is then sent to the Gateway labs for analysis.

Follow-up appointments are 50-60 minutes long and will include a discussion of your genetic results and the development of your meal plan (charged separately if desired).

Please contact the office or send Shana an email for more information.