Treating the Emotional Eater

Shana has a special interest and specialist training in treating the Emotional Eater, Eating Disorders and Disordered/ Obsessive Eating. She has completed training through the “Treating the Emotional Eater” modules. Shana believes strongly in improving client relationships with food, altering the manner in which diets are viewed and separating it from the emotional eating space.

This approach differs from traditional dietetic approaches as it incorporates a therapeutic alliance between client and dietician. The approach does not focus solely on following a meal plan or diet compliance, but rather on understanding the mind-body connection of hunger and satiety cues and separating biological from psychological eating. The goals are to nourish the body, to relearn how to trust our instincts with food, to re-develop a healthy relationship with food and to help to identify binge eating triggers which cause people to feel undisciplined and disappointed.

It incorporates a wholistic approach to being healthy and is ideal for people who have tried numerous diets, without seeing any significant long term results. It is suited to those who may struggle with emotional or binge-type eating behaviors that make them feel trapped and desperate for a different approach to weight-loss.

These appointments are ideally scheduled weekly, for 45-60 minutes per session with your dietician.