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“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied.”
Shana Advir - Cape Dieticians

Shana Terhart Young

BSc in Dietetics (Hons) (UCT)

Shana has a special interest in treating the emotional eater, eating disorders, nutrition in childhood and sports nutrition. She is passionate about empowering people to live healthy lifestyles – enabling them to truly enjoy the healthy food experience through a healthy and balanced approach. Shana is also passionate about educating individuals on the biological causes and dietary management of chronic diseases of lifestyle, such as diabetes, high cholesterol, as well as various medical conditions such as Chrones Disease, Liver and Kidney conditions and nutrition support in Cancers.

Shana provides dietary advice and personalized dietary programs that will seamlessly fit into the client’s daily lifestyle – whether the goal is general weight loss or medical nutritional management.

Shana completed her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology from the University of Stellenbosch followed by a Bachelor of Science Medical Honours degree specialising in Dietetics and Nutrition from the University of Cape Town. She then completed a year of community service at Leratong Hospital in the Gauteng Province before returning to Cape Town.

Andrea Jacobs - Cape Dieticians

Andrea Jacobs

BSc in Dietetics (Hons) (UWC)

Andrea believes that the foods we eat can either heal or harm us, bringing forth lifestyle diseases. It is for this reason that she is passionate about delivering the proper nutritional information to her clients. Treating both children and adults, Andrea assists clients with healthy eating, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome, as well as lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, insulin resistance and weight loss. She believes in educating clients so that they may have more control over implementing healthy food choices into their daily lives.

Andrea is a clinical and private practicing dietitian who shall be working at Kuils River private practice, as well as a nearby private hospital.

Andrea Jacobs obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Dietetics in 2011, from the University of the Western Cape, before completing her community service year at Uitenhage Provincial Hospital, in the Eastern Cape, in 2012. She became permanent staff at that hospital for another year before returning to Cape Town in 2013. Since then Andrea has gained experience working at different private practices and hospitals around Cape Town.

Christy Greener - Cape Dieticians

Christy Greener

BSc. Dietetics (Hons) (US)

Christy is a passionate dietitian who loves working with people and communities to improve their lives through nutrition. She graduated from Stellenbosch University and moved borders to complete her community service year in northern KZN. She then returned to the Western Cape and worked as a food service dietitian, designing menus for a private hospital, and later in a community along the West Coast, delivering services to individuals and groups through education, counselling, campaigns and community events. Her goal is to empower people to improve on, and find control over, their health, their lives and wellbeing.

Christy firmly believes that good nutrition is one of the keys to optimal health and disease prevention, and should be enjoyed as part of attaining a balanced lifestyle. She enjoys working together with different people to create the most suitable dietary improvements that are adapted to each individual’s life situation.

She has a keen interest in matters of weight loss, emotional eating, management of chronic diseases of lifestyle, eating difficulties, oncology, nutrition during pregnancy and many more.